What sunglasses do you wear?


I started wearing SunTiger sunglasses decades ago for flying gliders. They are blue-blocker (UV blocker) lenses that provide eye protection and greatly enhanced visibility especially in low light conditions. It appears they are now called Eagle Eyes. I still have my original pair and use them for sailboat sailing. I think they are much better than any polarized lenses I have used. They have a yellowish tint. Like the eyes of an eagle.




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Three different pairs on the boat, depending on conditions. Maui Jim very dark neutral grey for extremely bright conditions,  LL Bean Performance polarized bifocals in either bronze or grey for more "normal" conditions in mornings and evenings, particularly if I need to read instruments or charts.

The Bean glasses are only $80 per pair, so not the end of the world if they are lost. They are decent, but are not glass, so less resistant to scratching than the MJs.

I wear neck lanyards on all my glasses when on the boat.



I had RayBan polarized with prescription lenses and they were too beat to put new lenses into. I’ll check out the other choices that have been mentioned. Luckily, the new contacts are basically bifocals so I can see close up and at distance so I won’t need bifocal lenses. 



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Maui Jim. Only one's I've used for 30+ years. Good company that stands by their product. Scratch or break a pair and they will replace at a fraction of new cost.
Ah, a big nope on that. They USED to do that but don’t any longer. My well abused progressive prescription mucho dinero old Typhoons were pretty used up and scratched, Maui Jim wanted about $100 less than a new pair to put in new lenses. They now have Tajima lenses which seem pretty good after one full season. Maui Jim was not at all helpful and their customer support was what I would have expected from Ray Ban or some other corporate show, surprising since I think I paid $600 or so for them. They wanted about the same to make new lenses. 



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I like AO aviators in the natural green or green/gray lens.

 After that, I go with B&L Raybans, but not the tear drop aviators.... They make some very nice frames that don't look like Tom Cruise would steal them.



These are my two every day wear glasses. The B&L for driving, the AO for everything else.

The AO's are actually darker than they look in that picture.

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I was given these as swag for volunteering at a bike race. Non polarized and they pushed my Serengeti glass non polarized photochromatics to the back. Love these. Bolle Slate 12427


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I did have a pair of Maui Jim titanium frames the last time I had contacts and I would forget they were on my face because they were so transparent and lightweight. They walked off on someone else’s face after a regatta sand I was out $350. They were great, so I think I’m going to look at Maui Jim’s website and see what’s available for sailing and abuse.
It’s worse for me. My Maui Jim Akoni somehow found a new owner and exactly that model isnt produced anymore. I even thought about locating a lightly used one or new old stock on eBay but had to find out they’ve become some kind of f&xking collectors item!  :angry:  


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Wiley-X Air Rage.  I use them for flying gliders and sailing.  They double as ski goggles with the "facial cavity seal" installed.  Comfortable and bulletproof. 

I bought a second pair because I liked the first pair so much, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get them again as models evolve.  Still on the first pair 3 years later.  They are still available. 



Facial Cavity Seals
Fine dust and pollen, as well as wind, can cause long-term eye irritation such as Dry Eye Syndrome.

High Velocity Impact Resistant
Meets ANSI Z87.1 high velocity impact safety and optical standards.

UV Protection
Blocks the UV (Ultraviolet) that are harmful to our eyes, reducing the risk of damage to retinal cells and age-related macular degeneration while also reducing haze.

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I just rid myself of prescription lenses and my vision is much better with the contacts. The problem I’m having is that the few cheapos and the Typhoons that I have lack clarity and transparency.



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I used Smiths for years, but now I'm on my 2nd consecutive pair of Spys. HD+ Lens is at least as good as the Smith ChromaPop. I've had the current pair for 3+ years. Lenses are still perfect and scratch free. Hinges are fine, frames completely intact. I'm usually pretty hard on sunglasses, so these are pretty durable.



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Unless you're a bow fisher, I don't understand why people like polarized sunglasses.

I think it messes with reading puffs and a lot of instruments in sailing, can make wet/dry pavement evaluation difficult on a motorcycle, and using a face shield on any kind of helmet really annoying. And all the weird effects in auto glass during regular driving.

Also heard that polarized glasses can make power lines less visible for free flight pilots.



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I have a love hate relationship with polaroids

Agree with puff reading problem

Also scintillation can be distracting

Powerline vis. Makes sense as it would destroy reflection of sunloght

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I use Kaenon frames with Tajima lenses. They are a forum sponsor, and will give a discount code for the referral from SA. 

You can buy a used pair of frames with beat up lenses on ebay, buy new lenses from Tajima and you have a brand new pair of glasses. Love the lenses, definitely have an edge picking out marks/seeing pressure in my opinion. 



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Anyone tried these?  My daughter (Navy Helo Pilot) wears them anytime she doesn't want to risk losing/damaging her good wayarers.  Says she can't tell the difference...