what the hell..


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wellwell i will get my arse down to the crew list boards then :) i am not looking for a rock star boat... just someone that knows what they are doing.. because lord knows that i sure the hell don't you dont want me to learn bad habits do ya...



Too bad you didn't want to race with me. There are plenty of boats. You'll find someone. Good luck on the other crew boards.



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Honestly, once I got in touch with the sailing community in SD I found it quite welcoming and got a very nice ride. Some good racing and some pretty bitchin parties... take it easy and you'll find a good ride...



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you are all not getting this.... I know san diego has some frigin awesome sailing why else did i move here... you are all taking me way to seriously and those that know me really know me are laughing their butts off right now..

i already have a ride.. and sorry i did not get your post indiscipline until i had already been given a ride in Long Beach- which cx then i picked up something in Ventura...so I had to drive and could not text or write anybody.. but appreciate your offer truly i did..

but here is the deal... a MONTh ago and I mean one month i posted a very small simple crew request.... with "references avail upon request.

I got slammed with emails to my private email ( WHIch i posted ) asking NOT if i would race but if I would do all sorts of other things

so i ignored waited and posted something ... over a week ago a bit more obvious.. AGAIN much email...and crap... I am pretty plain looking... not worth your time ...

sooo. I was advised to be saucy, controversial, brazen a true sailor in the spirt of the great sailing women of yore....

and WELL you all got defensive, indignent, sarcastic and overall "paying attention"... hmmmm did it work

YES... bad publicity is good publicity...

I am much to nice of a person in person - that being said..i will overcome all your " hahaha Just kidding" remarks..

so let me just step back and say,.... "thank you sailing anarchy guys for welcoming aboard."

Now all go home..... grab your little aloe vera bottle you keep next to your bed..... and




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NO... because you have lousy taste in tits... they are a helll of a lot better than what you got bouncing around up there...

they would be wasted on your ass....


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OK look.. i am sitting here with my former skipper. a 41 time Mac racer.. J35 owner skipper who was NA champ three times... etc. and he is like blown away that i can NOT find a ride in san diego.

I had plenty of great sailing opps in detroit. and all i heard about was.. how damn great the sailing was, and how much better it was in san diego,

from sailors in san diego.... well.. where is it?

he told me to be mean here so iam!

I am a serious racer wanting to crew with a serious boat out of san diego.. i moved here to sail on a boat. i am not a rock start but do you want that or do you want someone who shows up.

is it because i am a girl?

i was told to use sailing anarchy to find a great ride. what is up with you guys....

Out of Detroit, Mr. Bill is the only 3 time NA winner, but he did not do the Verve that last couple of years.

Skipper of Falcon has won NA's 2 times. I believe he has about 41 Mac races. Did you do the 2009 NA's in Muskegon on Falcon?


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