What type of adhesive for antal car & slider?


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So the slider that fits inside the Antal car has become disengaged from car itself. I’ve tried Gorilla glue, Superglue and a two-part (epoxy?) glue, but the slider keeps disengaging from the car itself. It seems to slip about two thirds of the way out and then the additional friction from the dissimilar angles stops any further disengagement between slider and car.

This particular slider and car is at a full-length batten, which is probably not relevant but I thought I should mention it.

[SIZE=10pt]What kind of adhesive/epoxy/glue will do the trick? I’m not positive about the relative surfaces of car and slider but I think they are both smooth anodized aluminum[/SIZE]

PITA when the main won’t go up and I have to lower it and push the slider back up inside the car by hand.


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Antal may have used some exotic adhesive that your selected adhesive does not bond to. Many adhesives will not bond to themselves. Prep both surfaces back to base material. Then the slippery plastic surface may need to be activated. Some times a flame. Sometimes chemically. Loctite Plastics Bonding System may work well well. Can be found at retail outlets. 



3M Scotch-Weld.  Considered some of the strongest adhesive available on the open market.

Expensive - yes.

Short pot life - yes.

Numerous specific types engineered for specific substrates - yes.

Difficult to source - sometimes (depends on your location).

I have used this this adhesive to bond the Yanmar rubber boots onto King Starboard (HDPE) saildrive hull openings on the bottom of my cat.  I did this last in 2013, still holding up underwater today.  You need to use the 3M adhesive selector to get the right type for the Antal polymer.  If Antal won't say what it is, open a chat with 3M and send them a picture.  They most likely will know...

Structural Adhesives | 3M United States




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Thanks, I'll look into those.

Impressed that Rumi found something that will bond to Starboard


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