what was it?

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As mentioned above it must be a centerboarder - draws only 5.7" for a 54 footer.

From what I learned from my earlier post there were at least two keel types, one a longish fairly shallow keel with a centerboard, and another, more like a 12 meter of the period with a much deeper keel with a "trim tab" at the back of the lower part of the keel. The "trim tab" was larger than many rudders I have seen and you could tack the boat with it.  Silversword had the deeper keel version and I would guess its draft was well over 6'. It pretty much maxed out the Travel Lift at Ala Wai Marine and dwarfed the other boats on the hard when it was up. Talk about boat bucks!!!! I give the previous owner credit as she was well maintained at that time.



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Just take a boat ride on the canals in Ft Lauderdale. Tons of boats just like this that have been tied up for years. Some, not that old either. Moss on the sail cover so thick it could be turned into a rug. 



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Sure looks like a Morgan 54 to me. My 1st post in SA was trying to locate a Morgan 54' "Silverswoard" I crewed on for day sails in the early 90's. SLB & S4B, GRS, and a few others gave me great feedback but I never did locate the boat, (last I knew it was on its way to Thailand with a different name). I don't care what anyone says about that design but, it was pretty, had a beautiful sheer line, short handsome house & Big Mo. Cracked off, or on a reach the boat was a machine. For us we needed 4 + the owner/skipper to sail her, however the guy who bought her, sailed her single handed from Hawaii to California. A few years later I ran into him, back at the Ala Wai when he decided to leave CA & head to Pattaya, Thailand..... Well built, massive, and both a beauty and a beast. 
My dad owned “Silversword” back in the early ‘70s, I skippered and crewed on her in many races, including the ‘73 Transpac. 14 month western and South Pacific cruise ‘74/‘75. Great boat, solid, fast. Definitely a Morgan 54…I also would love to know what happened to her…



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A family friend Bob Hogan was a regular on Silversword during the '70s. I spent a few hours on her as a kid in SoCal when Bob delivered her from Hawaii for transpac (maybe '73?). I always thought she was a great looking boat and also wondered what happened to her. Bob (who passed away a few years ago in his '80s) had some great stories from his Silversword days--they pushed that boat hard in some big conditions in Hawaii, and between the boat and crew, they stood up to it and delivered. 
Bob Hogan sailed with us many times on Silversword—great guy, very talented.  Top physical shape too, could hand over hand on a halyard to the masthead on Silversword, in his 50s. Widgeon was the previous name of the ‘Sword.



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Wow this is so cool... I grew up on the lake this boat is on, drive by it 3-4 times a week and have always wondered what it is last spring I did a lot of digging and found it is indeed a morgan 54 and still missed this thread.

It's lines are just gorgeous in person.... It has such a classic shape to it. It has been sitting there for as long as I can remember, 25+ years. Spends the winters in the water bearing the ice. I have seen it motor by once in the past 25 years but other than that it has just been sitting. Rumor has it that the owner(?) Follendorf outfitted the cabin with so many electronics, radios, nav assistants etc, that it is so cluttered it's hard to move around. It is very dirty and the varnish on the cabin top is all peeling off.

The funny thing is that the hull seems to be mainly scratch and gouge free, and it's still floating as it moves when waves roll in, also I have never seen a bilge pump run on it and the boot stripe is still above the water line. I'm guessing this thing is built like a tank. I have always dreamed of restoring it but that would take a LOT of work. Cool to see the sailing community appreciate this former beauty!


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What lake was this Morgan on? Looks like it might be the old "Silversword" although much different on deck. ..and a real mess. Looks like name is "Galatea"..?