What was the first boat you owned?

1980 J-24
Same! (And if you look carefully at the helmsman, there's even a full head of hair; and local historians will note the long-gone Embarcadero Freeway in the background)


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North Carolina
1972: Heavily used Sunfish
1973: Real mistake, a used Chrysler Mutineer, fobbed off sold after 3 months
1973 - 1980: Cape Dory Typhoon, very sad to sell
1984 - 1988: J22
2007 - 2014: J22
2014 - Now: H-Boat
In 1966, a Victor 12, looked a bit like an OK Dingy in the day. Just a teach myself to sail kinda thing. Two lasting Memories - first time I let my sister sail it - didn't know she could sail, but she had been sailing Hobies with some guy in Santa Cruz named Bill Lee, so I thought it was fine. She split the mast in two running the 2nd Street Bridge in Naples. Fixed it up, stupidly she went out again and got run over by the biggest catamaran on the bay at that time Ima Loa. End of that boat and her sailing career. Then I went off to Santa Cruz and joined/started the first collegiate team there. Teaching sailing there allowed me to have use of a brand new Van for ferrying students to the Harbor. We raised funds to buy new FJs (double bottom beauties blue/gray from Schock, but heavy) and competed in NorCal Collegiate with Kites and single traps usually on and around the Bay in big breeze. Sailed with Bill on the original Magic 30'er, test platform that later became the SC27. Reunited with Magic on the hard at ABYC much later when I kept our Santana 20 Altitude Sickness there as a member circa 2000. Actually first splashed Mile High Klub there in 2007 for her first LBRW.


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11' Super Snark, taught myself to sail on it. Bent that skinny mast and boom like a bow.
Used my foot as a make work kicker and sailed it like a rock skipping across the water.
Loved that piece of styrofoam.


First boat was a bastardized 17' whaler. We tried using a wrecked one as a mold and had no idea what we were doing. It was so damn heavy.
First sailboat was a Cal 21. Spent 2 years fixing it up. It was a free boat. Once again, i had no idea what i was getting myself into. I only got to sail it a couple years and then divorce happened. O do miss her...... the boat that is.


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Shanghai, China
First boat ever was an ancient International Enterprise with a leaky centerboard trunk. Cost me just 250 Pounds. Spent the whole winter stripping her back to bare wood, curing the leak and fitting a forward bulkhead to give buoyancy in place of the buoyancy bag. Had her and sailed her regularly for a season (usually single handed) then sold her for much more than I gave for her.

First boat with a lid was a Corribee, a great little pocket yacht. Sailed a lot single handed again, raced her and won some pickle dishes. She would finish way after the 'full on racers' then handicap above them. Took her to the West Coast of Scotland for a season and spent many a night in little anchorages a bigger boat would have not got into - South of Islay (the whisky island) to north of Lismore. so much fun.

When I had a meet arranged with Ellen MacArthur at a gala dinner here in Shanghai I printed a photo of my Corribee (same colour as Ellen's Iduna) and wrote on the back "Every good skipper has owned a red Corribee". She turned it over and rather than gushing 'oh she is just like Iduna' she remarked 'I see you had roller furling, my genoa was hanked on... I see you have the tall rig'. That intense reaction was perhaps part of the reason she was as good at what she did - a remarkable woman.


Surprised I've not seen one of these yet.
Mine rotted away, but it looked like this one:

I had one of those as well. But technically speaking my parents owned it I guess.
The first boat I ever bought with my own money was a Kolibri 560. I was 16 at the time and I had the boat for about 17 years. It is a Dutch one-design that was built from the mid- 60's till the late 90's. About 1200 were built by a (grand) father -son small shipyard, a cold moulded mahogany boat. This was mine:


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Jax, FL
Was this circa sometime in the 80's? I seem to remember seeing the boat do the Mug race in Jacksonville around that time when I lived there.
Yeah, me too! Nobody seems to sail around here anymore. I went out the last two days but my sailing friends have all seemed to age out. Maybe one other sailboat in sight and the weather and wind was near perfect.

On topic, first "real" boat after the family Chrysler daysailer and Hartley 14 "cruiser" I built in the late 1970's, was an old red cape dory typhoon I bought in Jax in 1980. Cool little boat that made several "ocean" trips to St. Aug and Cumberland when I was young enough to "cruise" something like that.


First was Laser II, taught my girlfriend/wife (40 yrs married) to sail on it, then Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2. 30 years later, Hinterhoeller F3. Now C&C 30MKII. she still races with me, and cruising is great. 5 1/2 months till retirement, then taking boat to Lake Murray, SC


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Jax, FL
First was Laser II, taught my girlfriend/wife (40 yrs married) to sail on it, then Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2. 30 years later, Hinterhoeller F3. Now C&C 30MKII. she still races with me, and cruising is great. 5 1/2 months till retirement, then taking boat to Lake Murray, SC
Those harpoons were neat boats! Oh, and laser II's don't make the best dive boats to go out spear fishing, but they work in a pinch. Congratulations on retirement. It still feels like a vacation a few years in.

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