What will Oracle modify during these 5 days to try to recover


Cannot for the life of me see any major "hard" changes like Wing Control / Hydraulic Systems or pumps.... Appendages are pretty much locked in.....OR are faster than a month ago - the performance stuff put up by other posters & what I saw over the w/end there is not that much difference - has to comedown to stability & handling.....

So that leaves the "soft" changes..... Changing technique /  muscle memory in 5 days on how they handle the boat will be a big ask, stability control software like Tuke / Ashby use is possible, then you need time on the water........

Adaptability of the boat to the forecast weather slot...... Big question mark with the predicted higher winds for next week-end does OR have it? Won't be for the lack of trying thats for sure......

Gonna be real interesting..... B)

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The laughing was not real on the cyclors.  Everyone in every team knew the moment they launched it was a huge advantage, it's just no other team had decided to investigate all the perceived handicaps of the solution.  The main one being the sailing teams were unlikely to vote themselves out of a job and would have come up with all sorts of reasons why it wouldn't work.
Seems to me that a lot of the "improvements" to the LV/AC that are being promoted by His Royal Highness Russel and his (knighted) mates are all about bigger pay cheques for the sailors and more of them. They are cheapening the Cup to line their own pockets. 



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Wonder if there's some Oracle officials with instructions to put heat on the MC "You know your decisions decide the future of the Americas Cup right?"
ETNZ are already keeping OR-XEROX on their toes  :D




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There is a scheduled meeting between all the challengers and defenders and the majority vote will pass any changes. The proposal to be put to the meeting i:

Ëmirate team NZ must install a towbar on the aft of their boat and OTUSA have the right to connect to it so at least they can have close finishes".



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That's their only go at that now, isn't it?
MC: "Ah, guys you're not allowed to do that"

Jimmy: "Mate, are you prepared to make that decision? Thats a big call, and those decisions can decide the future of the event. Are you prepared to make that call?" 

MC: "Okay mate, we'll let ya have that one" 


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What wull they change...

Easy!... just two things . 

1. the boat

2. the crew.

But seriously . .  OR have two obvious issues...

 foils = speed ... change foils

Foil control  =  fly time..  go cyclors

they can tweak around the boat,

but that won't get them there.

they can change their tactics, but that won't make up for the speed difference. not even with an improved boat.

they can make crew changes, hire barker, or outerridge.

but it still won't be enough.

They can:

- Hope or make for more wind

- Hope ore make for a breakage at TNZ

- Other sabotage

- Accident to Pete Burling

- entire TNZ fall sick due to food poisoning.

OK, I'm not being serious here. But a lot is at stake. Let's see what's going to happen.

I can't wait to see how it will all end up!



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ETNZ lost their two races to OR in the round robins due to ETNZ mistakes. OR lost both their races to ART. ETNZ was clearly faster than ART in their finals. Since OR knew this, they had some time to try to improve and failed. Don't see how they can succeed now.
Oracle have know for a long time they were slower then ETNZ in the light, probably since before ETNZ even left Auckland.

It was pretty obvious from Jimmy's more subdued tone as it became more and more apparent that it was going to be light for the first few days.



They could probably gain 0.5kts by deflating JS's ego by 50% so that it didn't cause so much drag. It must be a real headache having to drag that monstrous lump around the course.



It is not much that they can do now with regards to big redesigns. If they did not have it in the pipeline since months it is way to late now.

  • Update foils and rudders? How? They have been doing the research and testing for years. If they did not find any faster solutions during the last 3 years they will not be able to design manufacture, test and learn how to use in one week and I guess that they are not allowed to have another set of foils.
  • Wing. Limited things that they can do. Same thing as above. If they did not manage during the last years its way to late. Any updates has to be designed, manufactured, installed, tested and optimized.
  • Control system of foils and wing. A bit to late now. Same as above.
  • Cyclores. Way to late. Even if they could bolt on ETNZ system they do not know how to optimize and use it. How many sailing days does ETNZ have with there cyclors? they are still learning and Improving.
  • Crew change. Nice idea but who can jump into a new very complicated boat and do a better job then JS.To late.
  • Weight savings? They would be stupide and terrible bad designers if they are not on minimum weight at this moment.
  • Boat number two. In which way would that help. Not at all.
What they can do is small tweaks, improve there sailing and learn how to use there equipment to 100% like they did in 2013, improve there tactics and how for better weather condition.