What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?


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I just want to say that, because of all this Aussie talk itt, i went and bought some boxed wine and clothes line for a bbq tomorrow, so at least some good did come of it after all.
Be honest, you lifted that line from "The Castle" didn't you? :giggle: Great Aussie movie btw.

Haha, no. But now i really want to see that movie.
We don’t talk about him anymore. There were legal issues.
You know that just makes me want to hear the story more, right?
Oi oi oi
If he is Aussie, then definitely fits the description of a hoon.

From wiki:

"A hoon, in Australia and New Zealand, is a person who deliberately drives a vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner, generally in order to provoke a reaction from onlookers.

Hoon control laws are beginning to be extended to dangerous hoon behaviour using boats and other vessels, particularly jet skis. The Australian state of Victoria passed legislation in late 2009 to control hoon activities using recreational vessels."

Aussie anti-hoon legislation may explain why he is no longer there - but he may fit in well in certain parts of America.
People in the Midwest, and i think Canada call them "Hotdoggers" which i always find hilarious.
You are new here. This is what we do.
Yeah well, you're just a big 'ol... mean... man.
See, i can be quite the tough customer myself. Don't make me show you my true power. Plenty more where that came from pal!


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I am mildly curious.

As I said, I dont condone what he did or did not do........precisely because I don't know what really happened.

All I know for facts are what he was accused of doing.
That he was given a 5 year ban by ISAF
That the 5 year ban was reduced to 18 months by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The CAS ruled that de Ridder “gave instructions, express or implied,” to add weight to a catamaran used in America’s Cup World Series regattas, but CAS decided that the suspension “was disproportionate in light of the circumstances of the case and compared to previous sanctions imposed by the sailing federation in similar matters.”
That he missed his Volvo gig, served the revised ban and that he is working again, most recently as world champion in the 6 meter worlds.
I guess one noticeable difference between De Ridder and Pudgy J is that I would be interested to hear DDR's story in person. I have literally zero interest in Pudgy's side of the story. It would likely be annoying and boring.
Again I strongly oppose what DDR was accused of doing. I cannot abide cheating. But you are correct I dont know what really happened.
I'll fill you in on some of the circumstance surrounding Dirk. I was there, in many ways, not the least of which was working on his defense for literally several years. I also provided an introduction to Oracle Racing to some of their key technology going back to the very start of their team. Lastly, consider that I was one of the two fact checkers for the book The Billionaire and the Mechanic. Additionally, I have been involved in several similar cases at US Sailing, probably most notably the Farrah Hall case. US Sailing spent $250,000 trying to win that case, and they lost. Everyone working for Farrah did it for free, because we knew US Sailing was fucking up. There was also the Natalie Salk case, where she was competing a junior qualifying event - a bunch of kids jumped in her giant SUV, one of the young bucks tossed a case of beer in the back without her knowing it, they went to a beach, had a bonfire and drank some beer. Cops come, tell the kids to pour the beer out and go home. Told the kids the only reason they came was because they literally sent smoke signals, and bonfires are not allowed on that public beach. The Protest Committee Chair reads the police blotter in their local weekly paper three days AFTER the regatta was over, calls a hearing, and flicks her. US Sailing lost that one too. Lastly, I'm here using my real name, and most people don't, you included, so you can believe what I say, or not. I'm doing this all from memory nearly 10 years later, so some of this won't be perfect, and the intent is to illustrate there are times the protest committee has an agenda other than the truth, or common sense.

The AC 40's were designed and built rather quickly. Literally, the first day they sailed one, the king post broke. There was a device to hold the support wire and the post together that had a depth of something like a quarter inch into the post, and they kept breaking, so a bunch of others were made with longer throats. There was a bunch of stuff done to stiffen the post itself. Basically, it was a poor design that was never improved by a rule change. There were other parts of the boat that had rule changes made - it was a simple process, the rules guys from the team would write to the race management and say "we want to change this because of that". Some would get approved, some wouldn't.

In this instance, there was confusion in the team as to what should be done. Basically, poor communication within the team resulted in the change never being asked to be codified. Had the rules guys done their job, this never would have happened.

The number of guys on the team that were hauled into the hearing was astounding, all with lawyers, some of the best in San Fran. Those lawyer were aghast at the lack of due process.

More to the point, the boat in question had zero do with the actual America's Cup. The only reason the Jury was able to tie the ACWS and AC together was because earlier Coutts had done that - had he just left the ACWS as a stand alone event, likely none of this would have mattered much. The ACWS was nothing more than a sponsorship added value deal.

There's a bunch more detail, but this isn't the place for that.

Then the case goes to CAS. World Sailing, in the name of there legal beagle Jon Napier, organized it such that one of their lawyers shared an office with one of the members of the CAS hearing panel. Yeah, that's real legit.

Brian Willis, David Tillett and Graham McKenzie are fucking assholes of the first degree. Those guys flat out said they wanted the kiwis to win - and McKenzie is a Kiwi - so why the ever living fuck was a kiwi on the Jury deciding a case that was going to have a material effect for his country? McKenzie doesn't even really sail, he got into the AC world because he was a law partner of Hamish Ross, who is the biggest legal loser in the history of the AC, when he was working with Alinghi when they got their ass kicked to set up the DOG match.

One of these days all the evidence that wasn't allowed in during the first hearing, or at CAS, will be made public.

So, in my view, there is nothing remotely comparable to Dirk and this dipshit who kicked over a table while dealing with immigration authorities.

For a while Dirk was really pissed, mostly because his kids had to endure the headlines about it in their local Dutch newspaper. Anyone who knows anything about the top end of the game knows this was all bullshit. Beyond the 6M Worlds you cite that he just won, he just finished 2nd on Platoon in the 52 Worlds, and that boat has done well for years with him as main trimmer. He sails on a Swan 50, and I'm pretty sure they have never lost a regatta. He's had plenty of success in the RC44, sailed on Comanche when Jim Clark owns it - in fact Jim trusted him so much he basically ran the update a few years ago to the J. I'm forgetting a few.

At this point, I look at what happened to Dirk as a badge of honor.


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small to medium-size
Thats really nice of you to say. I work to stay medium sized haha.
Uh, i don't recall ever meeting the man, but i guess you would need to define living "near a beach" though. I live a good 27ish minutes from a beach, which means i only see it a handful of time per year haha. So if thats where he is, I've probably missed him.

Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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earths surface
I wonder if those still apply with the new owners n' all :ninja:
I wondered that myself. We could probably really fuck them up if we started that shit again but they own the front page. Is that dude even breathing? We will likely never again see images of a 6 foot diameter human bowling ball sitting on a rail. The only way that guy could break a hip is if he fell two stories and landed just right. Ohh that reminded me of the final scene in In Bruges.


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Unfortunately its not the first time people have acted like entitled assholes at the Newport check in. Enough so the Bermudians
have threatened to close it down more than once. This check in is a voluntary benefit that Govt of Bermuda graciously provides, flying a few immigration officals up to Newport to serve these assholes. They work long hours and are shorthanded, and believe me they would rather not be there. This saves you from a huge bottleneck and long hours checking in the crew in at Bermuda. The fact that a spoiled raging twerp would throw a Karen fit over wearing a mask for a short while is unfortunate. Its a small courtesy to at the least comfort those workers who are exposed face to face with a few hundred people over the course of 2 days. Something they dont have to do. Rule 69 should have been the least of his worries. Someone should have pulled him outside by his collar and throttled him. Its an invitatinoal race, hopefully he has seen his last invitation. Out the dickhead.
Well said Peter

We used to have the same thing her with the China Cup (CCIR) in Shenzhen. There was a feeder race from Hong Kong to Longcheer Yacht Club in Dawa Wan in Shenzhen that counted towards the series. Pre-clearance was done by PR China officials in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club the evening before the race. All very congenial. At the other end we all trooped ashore passports and form in hand. All very orderly. Between the top of the ramp an the officials sitting at their desk to chop our passports were nice new wheely bins with ice cold beer floating in ice and water. First and only time I ever cleared immigration into China (and any country to be honest) with a cold beer in hand. All very orderly and civilised.

But like you say, it only takes one asshat to upset the apple cart (never happened at the CCIR as far as I know).

Self centred arrogant people have a long history of spoiling things for others and they need to be told it is unacceptable. I agree with you completely. A swift smack in the mouth might also have been effective & would have saved all the bother of a Rule 69 hearing or just kick him off the boat on the spot.


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Was Aussie i saw someone say, correct?
Ask him if you can borrow his yute and what he prefers for a goon sack.
Its the strictest litmus test in this case.
How can you apply a strict litmus test when you can't even spell UTE.
I agree with L.B. that he is probably from english heritage, and not too many goon drinkers at Ute Musters, sure, there are some, but its mostly tinnies, either spirits or beer... The real litmus test is wether the O.P. would fit in at a Deni ute Muster,

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