what's in a name


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So someone got their knickers in a twist and decided to complain to just about everyone she could, claiming the boat name "Himalayan Women" is misogynistic, offensive, etc. We looked it up and just didn't see what the beef is, but having been on the receiving end of ridiculous attacks, we know what a giant pain in the ass they can be.

Given the number of, um, 'questionable' boat names in the States, we're quite surprised this sort of bitching hasn't happened about 100 times in the US. Or maybe it has and we don't know. When I had the GP 26, I named it "Sleeve of Wizard", and it got questioned, but I made up a bullshit story, and that was the end of that. That name was of course, inspired by Borat.

Read the story here. And if you have some of the 'better' names that have been used over the years, jump in and comment.
There used to be an Etchells "Skanky Jane". Now, if the boat name instead was "Slutty Pete" would that be cool? Who wants to walk past the dry sail area and look at "Slutty Pete" on a boat? How about "Sambo Sam"? Or "Kracker Ken"? Slurs don't belong on boat transoms/quarters or memorialized forever on scoring tables.