What's in your arsenal??


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Hmmm... Last week I ordered 600 12g slugs and some 10mm ammo.  The product showed being in stock but lots of other stuff was out of stock.

I get an email stating the order is still pending and please don't call till the order is at least a week old 'cause they are swamped.

That is my wordy way of saying last week was too late.
They shipped today.  Those guys are busting their asses working overtime and extra days to fill orders.



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I went 2 weeks ago to refill the ammo cans and my local guys were only selling HD ammo.  They were hanging on to the cheap ball stuff so they could keep the range open.  Then last Monday our Governor locked us all down so they dont need to worry about the range.

While I was there I picked up a nice little, lightly used Ruger 10/22 Take down with a threaded barrel.  Thinking about swapping out the stock for the Magpul Backpacker and adding a suppressor.  Next up I think I need a CZ 75.



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Our takedown lives in a magpul stock and wears a small scope. Handy rig.




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There’s a certain logic to the rule of not letting your wife have access to the gun safe.  :p

I’ve heard of cases where the police have turned up for an inspection and asked the wife or kids where the gun safe keys are? Oh yes, here they are and then been handed over to them, bang goes your licence!!! 
There's also a certain logic to telling police to show me a warrant or leave.
There are also other countries in the world with differing opinions on the right to own firearms.  In  Australia it's a regular occurrence for police to do random house calls to check weapons are being stored in correctly locked storage separate from ammunition, this is done without a warrant, you agree to these conditions when you get licensed to own a firearm. 

No matter what the topic (guns, cars, swimming pools, yachts...) there is always going to be a group of people that can't be trusted to do the right thing.  So you need to create rules/laws and then have those rules/laws enforced.  Call it nanny state, call it pussification call it what ever.


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Can we have some more info please?
Definitely not an airsoft

Ruger Charger  - pistol version of their 10/22

Volquartsen carbon barrel

Kidd bolt and trigger assembly

Isis 22 Suppressor

Deadly accurate and quieter than a pellet gun

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My favorite oddball. 35 caliber pump action. Fun shooting little bugger. (Internet photo, I may or may not really own one. Or have lost it overboard in a fishing accident)  :rolleyes:


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