What's your favorite bit of sailing tech?


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Some would say that a chicken and hot, buttery mashed potato powder is all you ever want or need on a boat. Sails, motor and rudder/rutter are secondary. That’s what Coast Guards are for.


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Care to share which gloves those are? I'm hunting for new gloves for frostbite season. 
Best Sellers – Sealskinz, were the last two pairs I had, first I tried the lighter all weather glove, then a few years later the All weather insulated glove. Both are better than anything I'd tried before, the insulated glove is more bulky, but was still useable in open keelboat sailing on a small river where you are tacking every 30 seconds.

 I note, having just revistited the site, that they have vastly increased the range of gloves, which will need more investigation.

 They are made  in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK not 50 miles from me, but that was not an influence in my purchase, it was purely on cost / benefit..



Quick and dirty podium:

- Gold: GPS
... grew up with RDF, LORAN-A, LORAN-C. GPS was a game-changer, instantaneous AND accurate.

- Silver: Dacron/Nylon
... not so much for the shape, but rather the order of magnitude strength to weight ratio increase.

-Bronze: Laminate structures
... allowed naval architects to explore beyond Archimedean limits in ocean-going sailboats. Boy, did they ever respond !

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