What's your favorite multitool and why?

So, I sent my broken Leatherman Pulse back for repair and they just returned... another brand new Wave+ in exchange, at no charge.  Said they no longer carry parts for the older ones. I guess I'll hold onto my original Leatherman that also has a broken tip.  It might become a valuable antique!

Speaking of over-priced pocket gear... from their letterhead, I see that Leatherman are also purveyors of very expensive Ledlenser flashlights and head-lamps.  Anybody use these, or know why they're worth 10X the cost of a semi-disposable Chinese headlamp?  I think I would enjoy a rechargeable unit, rather than changing batteries every week.     If it were actually worth it, I wouldn't mind paying a little more for something that I carry with me every day.  
Don't like headlamps on boats, so I haven't used these,  but I have been using LED Lenser torches for 10 years or more and am yet to find anything to match them.

Just be aware that you don't need the big ones,  my P3 was enough to light the tell tales on a 65 footer from the trimmers position until it went overboard & my current P7 is a bit too bright and requires careful use even on it's dimmer setting.


Best blade out there...and it has a whistle in case you get lost in the mountains while cutting cheese and drinking vino.
Or calling the cute waitress over to bring more cheese and wine!

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BTW: Apropos of this thread, I just received the $9 "sailor's multitool" from Amazon.  

This thing is monstrous!  Maybe it should be apparent from the inherent scale in the photo, but it wasn't to me, that this is about twice as big and heavy as a Leatherman.  A real pocket-full.  

Also monstrous in a Frankensteinish, cheaply-made sort of way.  Hey, Nine Dollars.  

Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it.  Too big to clip on a harness.  If you tie a lanyard onto it, you could twirl it around like some kind of ninja weapon and stun a boarding sea lion.  

ok, look, they have a scale for foredeck to measure their dick, though they don't need those last 4 marks..



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I have an old SOG tool (West Marine Brand) from  a decade ago and it's still my go to multitool



On 3/13/2019 at 11:10 PM, knobblyoldjimbo said:

I saw a vid once, a bit like this but they were using those iron bound mallets, the blokes were bigger and the stake was enormous.

So how do they get the stake out?



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Have you ever used a star picket remover?

You use a round tube with a great lump of steel in the top to hammer them in, probs weigh 20kg.

The lifter is small, has a short handle - when I hired one I thought it would need an extension bar but no, it just lifted the pickets out.

Doesn't answer your question though!