When will DoG-Zilla be unleashed


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RC already called "next month" earlier 'this month', so that would be September.
Briefs are due on Sept. 29th, my conjecture is that GGYC will file prior to that date, to encourage timely proceedings, and the probable black monster will find water just prior to GGYC's court filings.

It would be fun around Labor Day, but my best guess, Sept. 23, 2008.



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DOG-ZILLA lives!

The contest we ran in the AC Forum will have TWO WINNERS! One who is closest to today's date and 8:58AM this morning. There will also be a second winner-0 This will be for the person who got closest to the actually time the boat "Sets Sail" for the first time with rags up and tender released.



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Thankyou linesman, thankyou ball boys.
DA there's an PM on its way.

Morning Scarecrow!

Great job on nailing the unveiling date. Got your PM with where to send your shirt. Now, would you like a DRYSHIRT or a ProwiK (Summer is coming).

Also, long or short sleeve? (I assume long but ya never know)

Finally, do you want a lighter color or a darker color?

Thanks for playing!


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