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Just to put this straight: just like MK I did not recognize Nynashamn in the picture, it was just my best guess since it's one of the larger marinas in the vicinity of Stockholm. The skärgård is indeed a vast area.



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Hi Hork,

The Stockholm archipelago consists of approximately 24,000 islands and Im not sure how many hundreds of square miles.......just out of curiosity (because I'm all guessed out) , which town and island was your original image from?  Just to close the case, so to speak.  

Nynashamn is probably among the better known in sailing circles....but it is a small town with an enormous cruise ship terminal and a very distinctive red church with green steeple , so I was not convinced we had nailed down the precise location.

Oh......and .......I dont think my neck can handle another upside down image.   Try posting them upside down?
Photos of the harbor at Nynashamn show a lot more trees than you can see in the witw photo. Even upside down you can tell that.




I gave you 3 picture of the same town. Clearly an urban area with its skyrises right on the waters edge. It's the 2nd biggest town by population in the archipelago second to Stockholm which was already ruled out. This should have been an easy one. No sail numbers and you guys give up?

It's Vasteras, Sweden.

Regarding the upside down pictures, as I've said I've uploaded in all orientations... When I click on the posted upside down pictures though, they open up right side up. 



Not Islamabad. Can you sail there? Would someone host a regatta for this particular class?

There is a clue in the picture for the country. I would settle with that because it seems to be a tough one.