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Plymouth, UK
Anyway, this photo is taken from a yacht club, But where in the world?

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Yes! @chrishampe has the location. It is indeed New Bedford MA, USA's #1 fishing port.

The vessel in the foreground is Hōkūleʻa, the Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe which just happened to be in New Bedford on the day in 2016 when the sailing couple in this video were visiting the area.

The New Bedford part of the video starts around 6:25

Your turn @chrishampe.

Dang! I was going to suggest New Bedford. We put in there in 2021, and the fishing boats are stacked up there like the photo shows. When I looked up the lighthouses there howver, none were on "stilts" the way the lantern shown in the photo appears. We didn't notice the Nantucket lightship on our visit.


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Gariep Dam

I actually can't find where I got this original picture, but it is a large dam (374sqkm) that is more of a small keelboat and hobie venue but is miles from any other sailing activity.

As well as water storage, flood prevention and hydroelectric the dam has a 90km tunnel that transfers water to the drier fish river. Was the longest enclosed tunnel when built.

was going to screenshot from this video but it was going to be impossible.

and then all of these were too easy to find on a reverse image search

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