Which Dinghy For The Bigger Crew?


Tempests and FDs love big crews... the bigger the better! FD Worlds are coming to Scotland this year, too... it might light the fire for you to try it.


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I crewed in the 1976 Tempest Worlds at Association Island, US Sailing Center (at the time) Watertown, NY. Anybody remember it? The winning team was Swedish I think, and the crew was built like IGOR. Mostly I remember they raced naked, balls out. Never seen anything like it since and hope I never do. But my point is, if I had one, The Tempest. Thought they died, the boat not the crew, but I guess they live somewhere. Have to be more than a sportboat, so what about a sportboat?


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We're I you guys in Ireland? Pick a local class unless you like day sailing the boat. There are tons of good fleets in Ireland. For the record, I am about the same as you two and I love my Tempest. They're an awful lot of fun in the breeze.



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Crazy as it might seem, this morning I thought about this question and the following occurred to me.

Besides going with boat popular locally for racing or for general use (selling is easier) there is the simple fun factor, like beer cruises from port to port or pub to pub (it is an area that sustains lots of coastal communities) one can consider decent non keel rig or one that will retract keel, due to tides and in cruise case, make sure boat is one they can stand on at dockside or tied to buoy, etc.

All that aside, there is one wee craft that lends itself to both, but it is small: the hard to find and venerable Interclub (IC) dingy. A most wonderful little boat that seems, of all dinghies that come to mind, indifferent to weight and most easy to maintain. They need to come back to us in fleet form in all water.

Suckers are more fun than most realize...here is pic of a fleet sailing in Belmont Harbor, Chicago, IL, USA, in 1974, when men and women actually had fun frostbiting in wee boats in the Windy City (refers to political fog-horning).

Screw the Lasers, etc...so, what did I win?


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I forgot to insert and can no longer edit, but the IC frostbite race was on Thanksgiving weekend of 73...probably Sat, 25th.

I must also add that most keelboats can be sailed along...or with idle crew...and beer.

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My crew and I have struggled with this for years.

We're both 6'2" 210lbs.

I think the FD would be a good fit.

Older boats are reasonably priced and can be brought up to current standards.

just my 2cents

Possibly another thing to investigate is which class will most easily/legally allow for maximum CB area/lower center of effort to balance out the greater "hiking" moment. If I understand correctly, the 5O5 has fewer restrictions in CB design.



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Soling is a wonderful boat, although I thought the Etchells finer...but spendy. I think it will be around a bit...but definitely not easy to rig or haul around and ramp launch. But, then, the US has jillions wonderful no future boats...110, Ensign, Tempest and long list.

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OK it's not a dinghy but I'd have a look at the SB20 which has a crew weight limit of 270Kg (595 Lbs)

There's a good sized fleet in Ireland (47 boats registered with the class and 22 boats at the 2013 nationals) and across Europe if you want to travel.

No hiking, asymmetric kite, tow-able behind a normal car and launched without a crane.

I have seen them sailed 2-up by two big guys but you'd probably be better off finding one more crew member with a bit of experience to help you learn.

There are a some second-hand boats available on the class forum.



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It's a shame you are in Dublin because a National 18 would have been a good bet, but I think travelling to County Cork for your sailing every week might be a bit much. 505 would be a good bet.


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