Who does NOT have classified documents? Anyone?


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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the old days, my father worked on several govt. projects. I remember the guys in dark suits, driving dark cars coming to visit my father, and his office, to give clearance for some of the projects. The guys in dark suits and dark cars were invariably very friendly, and shot hoops in the driveway with me for a few minutes.
There was one filing cabinet in my father's office that had a different lock on it. But I knew where the key was. It was all exceptionally boring crap about some underwater warfare college in Rhode Island.
Not even worth taking a page to show my friends at school....
When my father died, and my sister and I were asked by his office (He was the principle/CEO) to get things we thought we might want, I found those old drawings for the USNUWC.... I suggested that they be shredded. It never occurred to me to have them picked up by the archives.


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I just finished a book about Kelly Johnson the lead designer of the SR-71 amongst others. It mentions after he died his widow called up Lockheed to grab all of his papers. Turns out his garage was filled with classified drawings for nearly every project he worked on.
Kelly’s document hoarding was way worse imo than what we are seeing now. Imagine if the Ruskies broke into his garage and found the drawings for the SR-71 and U-2?
He probably had abandoned early versions in the garage, just to trick the Ruskies into building an obsolete and failed prototype.

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If it turns out Pence was given a $1.0M no show professorship at a local college that took in $27m from 3 Chinese donors both just after he left office and the documents were found there, then yes, they will be equal. Ohh... no. Pence will need to show a drug addict son with unfettered access to the documents and forming LLCs with known corrupt Chinese energy company executives. Then they might be equal. Oh what a tangled web Ye weaves when first Ye practice to deceive.

I think knowing what exactly these various documents these various people stole say will tell us more. Maybe some will be well expired or non consequential Thats why its equally important to follow the money with prime time made for tv hearings. The money dosnt lie.

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Sounds like my post about searching all properties owned by living past Presidents should be expanded to living Vice Presidents… I’m up for that.

I’m not gonna hold my breath for the bullshitter caucus to hop on board that train.

And AG's.

Alberto Gonzales, for example, improperly took classified material, including top-secret notes deemed "sensitive compartmented information," home with him while serving as President George W. Bush's attorney general. According to a 2008 report from the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General, Gonzales "mishandled classified materials regarding two highly sensitive compartmented programs." He "took his classified handwritten notes home and stored them there for an indeterminate period of time." He also "stored other highly classified documents about the two compartmented programs in a safe at the Department that was not located in a SCIF [sensitive compartmented information facility]."

Maybe just a blanket rule: if you now or at some point in the past work/worked for the government, no fourth amendment for you!


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It's funny to hear the FOXies vomit out how Bidens case is much much worse than the Pence case.

This entire episode reminds me of primary school. "Oh yeah but what about your mum!"

But then that's the level of mentality we are dealing with here.

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I was tidying out the Local History store room today.
I discovered boxes and boxes of old letters, memos, photographs (originals) financial records, minutes of secret society meetings all about the ancestors of some possible VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE !! I even found personal correspondence from foreign agents (other councils) in unlocked filing cabinets .

What should I do? Call ASIO and dob on our 80 YO local history librarian?
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I worked with documents and paper for 40 years, some very much classified, and know for certain that I do not now, or ever, retained any paperwork of any kind at home. Crazy.

It would seem that the people we elect and their assistants are particularly unqualified for their jobs.

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One of my first jobs when I started work after training in the RAF, was to go through two full filling cabinets each 6ft high 4ft wide. This was all stuff belonging to or assigned to a retiring Engineering Officer.

I had to look at every single page, and put into three piles.
Personal, to be returned to the officer.
Unclassified RAF, to go to the shredder then the incinerator.
And classified, which went on to a more senior person for decisions, though actually most of that got shredded and incinerated.

Many hours were spent removing staples at the shredder...

Many years later as a civilian still working on military projects I made sure I had no classified at home that I wasn't required to, and then made sure they were all returned. Actually you had to sign them out anyway...

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