who gonna get it?


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North has to be the heavy favorite, right? Who's gonna lower their price so much that they end up making no money off the deal, but want the marketing and PR value? Thoughts?

The 49er class invites expressions of interest to design and build 49er and/or 49erFX sails for the 2021-2024 quadrennial.

The 49er class welcomes world leading sail designers and manufacturers to bid on becoming our class sailmaker(s). The selected sailmaker(s) will have the opportunity to build sails for at least the four year period leading to the Paris Olympics, with the possibility to extend for further quadrennials.

The current 49er sails have been used since 2009 while the 49erFX sails have been used since 2012. The 49er class has had 3 different designs of sails over the years, while the 49erFX is coming off the original set of sails.

The class is seeking improve consistency and longevitof the sails, to keep the costs of campaigning as manageable as possible.

Each of the two rigs, 49er and 49erFX, has been updated for 2021 already, with CST being the new mast maker for the classes. The new masts are of the same geometry and bend characteristics as the previous generation of masts. The existing class masts are expected to remain class legal for the foreseeable future.

We invite all interested parties to get the full technical requirements via email. Expressions of interest are due by March 28th, 2020.


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These kind of sails are generally built in Sri Lanka or China, not necessarily in a North loft. These factories are the only supply chain capable of the volume, generally speaking, though in the small catamaran market both Performance and 1D (Olympic Windsurfer sails) build quality products and Performance in serious volume for the N17 class.

I would reach out to Doyle NZ and maybe a few other small lofts in Australia. 

I don’t think the $ will be driven to zero margin here, quite the opposite in fact, this is the contract you want to land as a small-medium sized sailmaker to keep your bottom line healthy for 4 guaranteed years.

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I reckon Hyde will make a play for this, with their Phillipines facility they'd have the capabilities to challenge North's Sri Lanka operation. 

Or are they already the ones that actually manufacture the sails under an OEM contract??