Who know more about the Aeolos P30?

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I found a lot of stuff in Facebook about the new Aeolos P30, but nothing here? Is something wrong with this boat? It looks exciting, I thought it´s a real anarchy project. I want to buy a fast boat for the next season in Europe. Has someone seen the production? 




bstrdsonofbtl said:
Twin rudders an option then?
Yep, allegedly you swap between both options in only a few minutes, although I don't know how that works with ratings certificates, we could ask the boss about that, @Hans Genthe

He said somewhere that the twin rudders are better for downwind flying, but the single foil is better for upwind and 'round the cans racing, which makes sense.

also, is it just me or belly shape is too displacement like?
I don't think so, it's optimum heel is like 30 degrees or something crazy, and the CFD shows that there's like no wetted surface area at all. Just a lot of rocker so adjusting fore and aft weight makes a lot of difference by the looks of it. 


My only issue with the design is that it only has an outboard in a well, and while I'd very happily do a Sydney Hobart in the boat, I'm not doing that without a diesel that I can trust to get me out of a gale. I've sailed on similar, albeit slightly less modern boats with outboards like that, and in anything more than 20 knots of wind you're not going forward. Not fun when the rocks are to leeward...

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*not a shill, just a fan... Its nice to see someone do something different, rather than just the same old same old racer cruiser
So, what's different? It's a high wetted surface, canoe body boat. Oh, you mean the foredeck meant for a tightrope walker and a cabintop straight out of a sci-fi movie? (and likely no sitting headroom below, well, maybe for little people.