Why didn't SA covering the Womens Keel Boats?

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Why didn't SA covering the Womens Keel Boats?
You should have made this a poll.

[ ] It's covered on 237 other sites already?

[ ] No one cares?

[ ] SA doesn't cover every single freakin' regatta on the planet (SA doesn't even cover Audi MedCup in any detail)?



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An when we our done theare, why no covage for Windmill Natonals??

I halve beere to.... :)



No organizers of an all women's regatta will let Clean within 50 miles.

I would say, "No Organizers really have a clue about marketing their regattas".

After repeated requests, I still have no access to any photos or videos taken at the 2011 NACC.

Organizers are totally clueless about this thing called "The Internet".

One thing I have noticed that many Classes and Regatta Organizers do, is register a domain name for each Championship Regatta, year after year. It seems classes leave it up to the Worlds Organizer to put up a web site, which is odd.

Regattas held annually are a bit easier as the organizer or class need only register the regatta domain name and have a /year for each annual event.

A good example is the US 2.4mR Nationals starting in Noroton this Thursday. The US Class website never put up an announcement or registration page. Even with a week to go, they could have a registration page with the late fee added in, but here is what they have had for months. They could at least have used Yacht Scoring and posted the link somewhere.

With the ease of use many sites have with calendars, you could easily spread the word by adding regattas to other sites.

Oh well...............



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I would agree that is the case with some US Sailing events. We hosted two Championship events last summer and were not even permitted to post updates on our club's facebook or twitter pages. Everything, other than results, had to go through US Sailing, and then you are at the mercy of how busy their liason is at that particular time and day.

So tell us all what happened and then it will be covered.

It's over but not without drama. Down to the last race three boats all had a shot at the win but the one who won the last race got tossed on a protest. Execellent racing even if it was a USSA event.

Most YCs do a poor job of posting results. Some have no results and many are a day late. . .



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Could we skip ahead to the important shit? Were any of them hot? Are there pics???



There were updates at every mark and we posted rounding orders back to around 25. We used twitter and an android app to get stuff out. Last time, we tried posting direct to SA, but the forums can be pretty slow. That's a real pita when you are bouncing along at 20K. The link was on SA and it looks like a lot of folks found it.