Why does so much of US media fawn over Republicans?

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It's increasingly apparent that the corporate ownership of US media wants Republicans to take over. This morning's "news" is almost all about the Chinese spy balloon, and 90% of that is Republicans spouting angry bullshit about how Biden is weak, Biden is ineffective, etc etc.

Then they cut to a segment on "Public Opinion- wow, despite Biden's economic recovery and leadership on the Ukraine war, 53% of Americans have a negative view of President Biden's performance" and then cut to a Republican talking head about why the polls say this.



I have noticed that too. One of the big things is their false equivalencies. When discussing the debt ceiling, one outlet decried both D's and R's for driving up the debt, when in reality it is the R's doing virtually all the damage through their cuts to taxes on the rich and giant corporations. That is just outright lies.
I have no idea why they do it unless there is a cabal of network/newspaper owners all rooting for the R scum.

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Republicans are just negative to everything, Funny when they do it's great, but if the other party does the same exact thing, it's bad, and they makeup lies.
To the R the only thing important is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
2025, a fun year coming.


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^ Who pays the bills?
Hempicurian vegans in Oregon and Vermont do not pay the bills.
Pork fed duck hunters in S. Carolina and Indiana pay the bills, whether they know it or not.