why is it?



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Lifted Tack

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It may just be the photo, but it sure looks as if someone should spend a few hours with some fairing compound and a long board/DA.

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Two Cold Dogs

Can't be all that slow, it ended up 11th of 38 in the ORC Euros, including a black flag, maybe it's the future

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Scrotal Canoe

Some type of rule beater idea. Look out, we all know what IOR did to hull shape. At least if this is confined only to the keel, it won't create an insane amount of hull torture and the nasty boat control behavior like IOR did. Looks like shit, but who knows, maybe it actually creates enough righting moment to overcome the drag. Could have an end plate effect also.



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Cabrillo Beach YC
WTF is right. Let's see:

Low aspect ratio -- high drag for the amount of lift.

Small root -- increase the localized stress far more than necessary without any hydrodynamic advantage

Tapered to the root -- increase cross flow at the hull, effectively canceling the end plate effect a typical keep gets to increase effective aspect ratio

Small bulb -- increase wetted surface and drag, without much advantage for lowering the CG (a little lower, but a lot more drag)

Curved leading edge -- more loss of effective span and therefore aspect ratio, so increase of drag for a given amount of lift.

Two kelp catchers at leading edge without any practical way of clearing the kelp (backing down will just wrap the kelp completely around the keep)

Reduced chord at top of bulb -- nice stress riser, especially on grounding.

It would be hard to imagine a less efficient keel.

From a design perspective, it looks like a nice elliptical leading edge, some compensating for a rule to get the maximum area for the allowed draft, then trying to tuck it all back in at the hull-keel interface to reduce drag.

I can see the rationale, but it ain't fuckin' pretty.


George Hackett

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this was for an ORCi event i see. not up to speed on this rating, but if it is like IRC. IRC to my understanding does not like draft or bulbs. top IRC boats of this size have short draft with bulbs or deeper drafts without the bulds. so i guess short drafts need more surface area to bit after tacks and while accelerating. al least that is how i see it.


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