Why we were all wrong about covid


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Ignoring this sick fucker has made this site a lot better. How his family copes with this level of sickness is beyond me.

Thank you for convincing me Frenchie.



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I posted this in the Corona Forum but wanted to add it here as well - its a PBS documentary on Dr. Fauci , I just finished watching and is one of the best things I have watched in a long time. I am an information junkie and I could have never accomplished what he did if I lived for hundreds of years. I truly hope those who like him as well as his critics take the time to learn something. It is his life including his work on HIV/AIDS but most of it centers around Covid.

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Why everyone was wrong

The coronavirus is slowly retreating. What actually happened in the past few weeks? The experts have missed basic connections. The immune response against the virus is much stronger than we thought.

Well, that's wrong. The immune response is highly varied and not well understood. I'd suggest it's least understood by whoever said this. The survivors' immunity is not durable nor does it prevent the holder of this acquired natural immunity from spreading the virus; although it does reduce the viral loads spread by the holder.

Furthermore, following infections tend to be more serious once survivors or naturally acquired immunity wanes.

The only good news I know of, the newer variants do not produce the wild immune over-reaction that many people had to covid infection.

ModernViking, I am sorry to hear about your father.

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