Will Smith gives Chris Rock a Black Eye


Super Anarchist


Great Red Shark

Super Anarchist
It was a bad joke and Chris Rock deserved to be slapped.
I hope you get punched sometime because someone had an issue with words you said.

Hurt feelings are not an excuse for violence.

Imagine the effect if both Will and Jada had gotten up and walked out.   And then 20 minutes later when he got the best actor,  the whole world would blame Rock.

Now tell me this:

If THE Rock had told that joke instead of Chris Rock,  would Smith have done anything of the sort?   

No.  No he would not have.  And that is what makes him a bully,  and you a jerk.


Point Break

Super Anarchist
Long Beach, California
Announcing, “I’m offended,” is basically telling the world that you can’t control your own emotions, so everyone else should do it for you.

You choose whether or not to be offended by what someone says or does. It is totally up to you. Nobody can offend you if you don't let them.
Nobody has any power over your mind or emotions – only you. You are in the driver's seat; you are in control.

Maybe it is time to quit looking for chances to be offended and start seizing the power that you have over your own thoughts and emotions. Quit giving that control to other people, most of whom are complete strangers that you will probably never meet again. These people should absolutely not be able to offend you.

If you look for chances to be offended, you will find them at every turn. If you walk around with a chip on your shoulder, you will find that many people are more than willing to knock it off for you.

Start observing things with a rational mind instead of an emotional mind. Start choosing what you will and will not allow to affect you. You have the power – take it back and quit allowing every moron with a mouth or a keyboard to offend you.

Start taking control of your own mind, and you will find it easier take control of your own life. When you quit allowing other people to rob you of your inner peace, you will find that you can deal with any situation rationally.

If someone needs to have something explained to them in a forceful manner, do so. But don’t allow them to actually get to you. Refuse to be offended; just simply respond as needed.
Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior



Do the drapes match the carpet?

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