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Any news from A Class Worlds A G M and the discussions regarding the future of wing masts on A 's
Wings are class legal as long as they measure. Build one and see how it goes. As you may be aware some have been built but have yet to show enough all round speed to place highly in a championship event. I suspect a wing would have ended up in the pool at the tiki bar at Islamorada!!!!!


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Yup It's Wild Turkey,

A lovely boat.

Built by the Patient Lady Crew, lead by Terry Richards, Skip Banks and Brad Johannson.

She was designed by Brad but had more Patient Lady DNA than he probably would have liked.

His hull form was a bit more NACRA like than the Hubbard/ MacLane shapes.

She was owned for a long time by Craig Richardson in California.

I don't know where she ended up, might still be in a race car box in his driveway.



Steve Clark

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Nacra did something 18sq ish back in the day. Skip the Nacra 36 bit.

Sighted in the Video: Simon McKeon, ( sailing) Graeme Fraser ( pulling the platform upright) and Lindsey Cunningham ( thinking really hard) .

Wing is practically identical to the Wild Turkey wing.

Pieter Den Hartog was probably the lead builder. He was around the Norwalk shop before leaving for Hawaii.

I still have the mold for his Div II sailboard under the shed.



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Sorry for the hijack but it sounds like I'm being greedy, hanging on to three Div 2s - a mid '80s custom with track and fully retracting CB, early '80s TC Win by Georg Lechner, and the Lechner A390 that took the bronze at the Barcelona Olympics. The design progression is interesting to see. and one of those things that looks obvious after you have seen it!

Cool to hear that Wild Turkey is still OK; I remember the Wooden Boat article on the wing.


sounds like a great amount of fun from the good old days but the original question was what was the outcome of discussions at the A Class A G M where the future of wing sails was on the agenda





Hi aussie the boat is coming along very well. I will try and post some photo's up on this blog for you and others to see. I must remind you all this is an amateur building this boat so nothing fancy. All going well topcoated by Christmas



2012-12-04 13.23.44.jpg 2012-12-04 20.32.02.jpg


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Have to make a correction to the Wild Turkey discussion. The boat was owned by Craig Riley. We raced against each other on many occasions and he is still my carbon supplier today.

John Lindahl


david r

the Wild Turkey photo was taken at the Monterrey Multihull Classic which was a pretty big race in the mid 80's. He could point like crazy and didn't have much trouble beating the tornados to the weather mark, but he was new to the boat and had not yet learned a fast downwind technique. in those days putting the boards down and flying the hull downwind was a fairly new concept and i don't remember seeing him do that.

the 18 square class had 2 divisions and he was in the light division i believe as were all the Johansen boats. i think windsurfing may have had a hand in the loss of interest in the class. that and the introduction of the spi. to beach cats.