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It is called Clarissa-gate by Marie for a reason.

Clarissa announces she has been left on the dock because Bonk unPopulaire perceive a risk that she might not complete enough qualifying miles because she had a child last year (which BP have known about for over 9 months). She disputes this.
BP concur that Clarissa has been dropped but blame VG's inflexibility creating a likelihood that that Clarissa will not qualify so they are looking for another pilot.
VG torpedo that announcement by responding that in their view it is likely that Clarissa will qualify, and that if she does not , she would be a prime candidate for the Wild Card.
Newly appointed CEO of BP with aspirations in French politics announces he is going to take personal control of this ( ignoring the inconvenient fact that the decision was taken by the Management Committee of BPCE which he chairs)
The Guillotine is being sharpened and someone with a name like Thierry or Jacques is nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

There are rumors of tapes and a book by Bob Woodward

Meat Wad

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Jesus F'ing C, it's sailing.
go do it and quit talking about it.

If an Car Racer/Driver had not driven any car in any race in a year, would he be given a seat?? NO. He would have to get his ass out and prove himself credible all over again.
You wanna sail in the big race, make sure you qualify before you take time off.
How many athletes have sacrificed a family so they can be what the dream of being....Too Many

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