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Okay, a boil kettle for what purpose?
after you produce a wort ( sugar water from "mashing" (soaking) roast barley), you transfer to a boil kettle where you boil the wort for a minimum 15 mins (for sanitation) to 60 / 90 minutes.. during that time you add hops to the boil which will add bitterness, aroma, and hop taste to the beer..  once you have reached the required boil time for the recipe, you cool it down, transfer to a fermenter  and add yeast which eat almost all the sugar in the wort producing alcohol as a byproduct...  voila, about 4-7 days later you have beer, though it isn't carbonated..  a converted keg is a cheap way to get a large (15 gal) boil pot...  i paid like $40 for it with the welded fittings.. a retail 15 gal pot with the same fittings can go from  $150 to $300 depending on quality... 

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