Working around "Karens"


The Loyal Opposition
  • Preferred grit and type of abrasive for sanding the primer and Brightside?
    • Currently using a Festool RO 125mm and 220 grit "Brillian" on primer
    • Have linear and 400 grit, as well as a variety of other papers
  • Bearing Buddies?
    • Launch in Brackish water, potentially after 10 mile drive

120 grit, whatever type is cheapest. Sanding paint you will clog the paper before you wear down the grit so it doesn't matter what you use.

Bearing buddies, yes, get the cheap generic ones. I use them in fresh water. I still replace trailer bearings, but they help. The only way you might not need them is if you have a roller trailer where you don't ever back the hubs into the water.


South Australia
I take a different route with a Karen. Start off at nuclear levels and deescalate to appease her. For instance: if you are one of those yahoos that like to burn brush in your yard for the fun of it. Start of by burning a tire or two. After she loses her mind, tell her you will only burn brush on specific days.

Like wise with power tools. On day one at 7am on the dot, turn on every power tool you own. Tape the trigger on the miter saw. Borrow a petrol air compressor even though you've got wall power. More noise the better. Invite a few friends over for morning coffee after you guys make a ruckus for a couple of hours.

After, she rocks up with her self and or the cops. Tell her you will start at 8 am. Will use as few noisy tools as possible. Apology profusely for the inconvenience and tell her it will only take 2 weeks(knowing it will take more than 2 months).

I refer this to as the shock & awe technique. Anything less noisy will be seen as a godsend.


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Washington DC
thank god Dallas is about to outlaw gas leaf blowers... there's this one landscaper who comes in early Sat. i don't think he's changed out the muffler since he bought the machine 30 years ago..
well don't get your hopes up on the noise. They outlawed them in DC an we have transitioned over to them at work. some electrics are still pretty loud, with more of a high pitched whine. The added benefit, is that it takes longer to do a job since the electrics aren't as powerful. So maybe a bit less noise but for a lot longer.

that being said. I love my electric suite of lawn tools. they dont even wake my daughter who's doing nightshift work right now.


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Great Wet North
My WORX 40 volt cordless blower is pretty quiet - way less that gas. Probably about the same as an electric lawn mower. It's fairly powerful as well - only downside is it drains the batteries in 1/2 hour and they take hours to recharge.

I can just get one pass of my driveway and yard on one charge.


South Australia
Are you that fuckin' dentist that used to live next door to me? Backpack leaf-blower 7am every weekend?! Glad you moved to the other end of the earth :mad::p
Fuck no. I'm your neighbor that started framing his house at 6am when it was going to be 40C(104F) by noon. It's legal in AU for the tradies to make some noise at 7am. It wasn't that bad, we didn't turn on the compressor until 6:30.