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Haven't read the link, but didn't he give the finger to the WHO back in April or May? Back when he was fucking up the US response to the epidemic, and could have used some advice?



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Sometimes... y'all remind me of a team of Trump election lawyers.

The linked article is about the events in May; it begins:

GENEVA — In late May, the U.S. ambassador in Geneva, Andrew Bremberg, went on a rescue mission to the World Health Organization headquarters. He told its director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that despite weeks of threats that President Donald Trump would quit the health organization, the relationship could still be salvaged.

Bremberg hand-delivered a list of seven demands that U.S. officials saw as the beginning of discreet discussions.

Hours later, Trump took the lectern outside the White House and blew it all up, announcing that the United States would leave the WHO. The announcement blindsided his own diplomats and Tedros alike.