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The boards on Sir Smyth's boat look really interesting, really fast too.  Is there an F18 model out there that would maybe be faster?  You'd have to surmise that today's beatdown was mostly the result of a simply masterful, next-level performance by the winners.  If they sail tomorrow it could be really tough out there.  I know it's sacrilegious to utter these words but do any of these guy have a way to reef their mains?  If it does blow 30 with the forecasted sea state and they are forced to reach that would require some very high level skills and probably some luck to finish.  What type of self-flagellation shall I perform to cleanse myself from using the word "reef?"  I do believe though, that if you gotta reach in that kinda wind a full main is gonna be a problem.  I believe!  Hallelujah!
I sailed the Worrell in 1982 and 83 in Hobie 16's.  First time in my life I ever reefed a Hobie main was in 1983 in 30-45 knot winds off of north carolina.  ... and no jib.. No way I would have left the beach with more sail up.  (The wind came up halfway thru the leg, so we had a bit of fun with the full kit for a while until we came to our senses.)  I didnt see any reefing ability on any of the F-18 cats.. Sometimes hitting the beach is the better part of valor.    


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The wind is on the nose again on leg 2.  The tracker is showing Rudees with a healthy lead.

Presumably Rudees has some sort of an edge upwind. 

It did not look that windy at the start, but maybe it is building.



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Crew really has a huge input into how fast these boats go.  I was nothing without my crew on my old Nacra (hey bud, I see you there, been a while).

Dalton is one of the best.  Really cool dude too.

Seeing these pics makes me really nostalgic to get back on a boat again.



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Video update from the RC on the Facebook page.  It sounds like the weather conditions are winning today.  There are 7+ boats in various states of disrepair and 5 boats still sailing.  At this time all crew members are safe and accounted for other than one team without a working tracker.  Team Rudee's has a broken mast and is on the beach.  



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Looks like a rough day. I’m glad all the crew are safe so far. 

what an amazing job by the boats still sailing and their crews. 90+ miles upwind in big waves and 30 knot winds is not something I would want to endure on the helm much less on the sheets!


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All teams accounted for and on shore. 4 boats (of 14) completed the leg today. Tomorrow's leg is skipped, everyone drives north. Racing resumes on Thurs from Jax.



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They are trailering to Daytona, not Jax. The owner of the beach access there would not permit the crews with boats on trailers ( all but 4) to cross his property, so there was no way to get the boats down to the beach.  He did allow the 4 boats on the beach to use his access to leave, so they really had no choice but to trailer out.. that plus all of the schedule ( hotels, welcome events, etc.) would be blown if they sat on the beach at Cocoa and waited a day.   A number of the boats had pretty major repairs to make..  So, as tough as the race is, the combination of exhausted sailors working all night to repair their boats then have to relaunch the next morning in 20-30 mph north winds and 7-10 ' seas was not  safe, in my opinion. (not that anyone asked me, I'm just viewing on line.)  

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The DNF penalty for the race appears to be (last finishers ET) + 6 hours.   Ouch, that's gonna hurt! 

Randy Smyth managed to get a 20 minute lead on day one.  Now he's 7 hours behind the leader, it's going to be hard to make up the DNF unless all four of the leaders have to take one in the future. 

So 10 of the 13 boats are Nacra;s.  And 8 of those are the newer Evolution model, while two are the older Infusion model (which there are several variations of) 

The boat which suffered the big ugly hull fracture was the lone Goodall C2. 

The top 5 boats (the four who finished yesterday, plus Team Rudee's (Randy Smyth)) are all Nacra Evolutions 


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