Yikes. Three-foot "sailboat" across the atlantic?


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see this is what's wrong with our sport. boats cross the atlantic at 20+ knots under wind power but some moron who discovers that water is wet and seas are big when you're only a meter long gets coverage in the Mail? FFS.


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Okay, he turned back after a day or two because he was taking on water. But Jeezum.

In the (US) Coast Guard, this was and is, known as a "manifestly unsafe voyage".


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Maybe it has happened, but I have never heard of the Canadian CG stopping someone from a voyage, just because it's a stupid voyage. I suppose that's because the CCG has zero law enforcement function.



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Left the seacock open? His many months of talk and 15 minutes of glory at sea ends in the harbour...

The Telegraph elaborates:

Sailor abandons Canada to Cornwall mission after home-made boat sinks in dock​

The mariner spent three years hand-building his fibreglass micro-yacht, which measures 3.5m tall and has a top speed of 2.5mph

ByTelegraph Reporters29 May 2023 • 8:57pm

Andrew Bedwell's boat Big C started letting in water and he was forced to return to shore

Andrew Bedwell’s boat Big C started letting in water and he was forced to return to shore CREDIT: Keith Galway / SWNS

A yacht maker has abandoned his mission to sail from Canada to Cornwall after his home-made vessel “basically sunk” while docked.

Andrew Bedwell, 49, set off on the 1,900-mile solo trip from St John’s, Newfoundland, at 1.30pm local time on Saturday.

But only hours into the voyage his ship, named Big C, started letting in water and he was forced to return to shore.

When his team went to assess the damage the next morning they found the tiny vessel had sunk below the water in the harbour.

The boat was then badly damaged during the recovery process, and his support crew have sadly now confirmed that he has been forced to abandon his crossing altogether.


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They picked the boat up by the framing WHILE it was full of water. The increase in weight was huge and no boat would survive being picked up that way. It was just so small that someone 'thought' it would be alright...
me thinks someone smart in the ground crew figured out how to end this little adventure. Maybe a wife was involved?


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i thought this guy was crazy, yet he crossed two oceans. 3ft boats are for midgets and fools.
I dunno, that almost looks preferable to the f'ing cubicle I've spent far too much of my life in pushing buttons. But maybe on a nice lake somewhere. A Moore 24 is about my lower size limit for oceanwork.

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