You Know You're Old When....


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when a regular constitutional every morning makes for a perfect day....

and,yes...I don't think there will ever be a boat built again that can hold a candle to what Windward Passage did....period



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... you know what a TD is and use them on your GPS

... HO 229 means something to you

... There was no 720 penalty when you started racing

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Cadets were hot.


C&C was the cutting edge



Frans Maas

Reel winches

Sears gold bottompaint was fast

Hydron speed coat

Meter class

2ply sails

Nelco loran A

Hurricane sailimakers

Double head rigs

La Forza


Timmy Twin stay

Welded rod

Inside out change

Crain Brothers


Passage IS the greatest boat. Ever.
I don't know about you, Ed, but I'll take WP over any carbon canting water ballasted speedboat.

In thirty years, no one will remember a JuanK99, ABN Amro, Alfa, Wild Outs, STP65s, AC90s, whatever... but I bet people still remember Windward Passage.
Couldn't agree more, brother.

Saw her once at Ross Yacht Yard in Clearwater. A legend. ;)

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When you remember your first SatNav cost $10,000., was the size of a VCR and gave you aposition within 2 miles every 4 hours [at Lat 40 South].

When you still think varnished hulls look fast.

When you still like to wear wool next to your skin when it's cold.

When you still like to have a beer before the start of a big race "to settle your nerves".

When you remember when aluminium boats were hot.

When you think the only "proper" non skid deck is laid teak.

When you remember "handed" winches.

When you remember the days when, if you didn't come down and work on the boat in winter, you didn't sail on it in summer!

When you recall when you first saw a brown sail.

When you remember when the instruments meant the compass, a towed log, and the cooks' harmonica.

Old times....Good times! :p



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This thread is taking me back down memory lane.

Have a venturi spinnaker up in my attic. Had downward facing vents across the head to lift the kite. Too funny to toss.

Anyone want an RDF?

Peter Storm foul weather jacket perhaps?

Who is this Lowell North?


Mr Moab

Garbage Bag mylar genoas

One tons rated 27.5 and Ranger 37s were fast

C&C put 20 winches onto a 42 footer- and drew where the winch handles would overlap

Sails By Watts!

Reel Halyard winches with clutch for the main halyard (broken elbows anyone?)

Some drapery salesman one some big series in Florida.....

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When you think about plotting a DR, hell when you think about plotting.

and WTF is a blooper? heard my skipper talking about one today????? Anyone have a pic?



When the head of our Starboat main was perforated by machine gun bullets fired by Alcatraz prison guards as warning shots for being too close, as we tacked up the Cone.

When you had Atlantis rain gear and couldn't afford Line7...

When the Ranger 26 was preferred over the Pearson 26 in MORC racing...

When you folded your sails and put them in a bag with a drawstring...

When you thought long and hard about giving up your Sharpnack ratchet block for a Harken...

When Blue Streak was the hot bottom paint...

When wet sanding was revolutionary...

When Lasers had 4 digit numbers...

When you sponged water out between the ribs of your wooden sail boat...

When you knew how to re-canvas a wood deck...

When you had to varnish your mast and boom along with the rest of the boat...

When you wore your stopwatch around your neck in a rubber holder, you had to wind it before each race, and it only timed down in 5 min. increments.

When you could sit and watch a Memosail stopwatch time out S T A R T....

Loran was for the techie guy on the boat to worry about...

The life jacket flag was only hoisted before Memorial Day or upon a Tornado Warning....

You could hit someone when you were on Starboard to prove your point... Same with luffing rights



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Line 7 is the bitchenest foul weather gear.

Halyard winches belong on the mast of cruising boats and around the mast base on racing boats.

It takes two people to lift a Spinny Pole on a 50

the biggest problem for bowMEN with halyards is watching out for meathooks.

130 miles is nearly a two day race on a 40.


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