Zhik powerpads/wetsuit combos

For those with experience using the new Zhik powerpads- what is your favorite powerpad/wetsuit bottom combo?
So far, I've only tried them with a Gill wetsuit short, which just don't stay up... dad bod problems, I guess.

The shorts slide, and the pads go with them....I'm guessing I need something with suspenders.



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I've tried the original power pads and the power pads 2. Both with various Zhik wetsuit bottoms and/or short johns. I've had issues with them staying up on my legs. Even returned them for and tried a different size. I got the power pads 2 for $65 on their 50% EOY sale so haven't felt so bad about those. I also don't like how thick they are as it makes it impossible for me to squat in the boat. I love all of my other Zhik gear, but not the pads. So, I just sail without them, (or any other hikers).


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I got the new powerpads this season and they wouldn't stay up the first couple times I tried them. Then I got the Zhik hybrid pants, and after a few washings of the pads' fabric sleeves, and maybe losing a little flab from my upper thighs, the system is working pretty well now. I am pulling the powerpads up as high on my thighs as I can get them, and pulling their bottom cuffs up a bit too. Walking in this outfit is very weird, and even standing up straight takes some getting used to, but hiking is awesome. I don't use the powerpads unless it's windy enough I will be hiking hard. I think it helps a bit to keep everything wet - so I dunk my lower half in the lake before I get in the boat.

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