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I am looking at an Evelyn 26 having raced one for 3 seasons. I think for the price I can convert a raw hull to be competaive with S2 7.9 as we have 3 in our fleet and they are well sailed. The goal is to keep the hull weight (stripped) to min weight but putting the missing weight into the bottom of keel maximizing righting moment. Please connect.
Intresting comment about the J125 noodly rig. Did you notice they had runners on at the start when sailing upwind then completely removed them from the mast once they were running. Also check the video and if they meet 3.36 Boom Support A boat over 30' LOA (9.14m) shall have a means to prevent the boom from dropping if support from the mainsail or halyard fails. Hence why I say Glass houses
Hi Matagi,
What a gorgeous shot of Bel-Ami! Sensationelle! May I post it on my father's website and credit you with the photo?
Ciao for now,
Catherine Carter : )
Yes, Jan will suffice ;) And crop them as you need them to be, no problem. I look forward to seeing them on the site, very glad you keep it up so well.
Catherine Carter
Catherine Carter
Just posted two of your photos. They look great! Thank you for allowing us to put them on my fathers' site. :cool:
Looks very good, very happy to be of help :)
Still doing on the water mostly daysailing . Not fussy; My boat or friends.Real low tides, went beach combing !
Done a seven month refit of oir Farrier F36, Now...Back in North America for a long spell, maybe up to a year. Then back to our boat in New Zealand.
"If you’d like, send me a pm with your email address and I’ll send you a simple excel spreadsheet that sorts it out for you."

My email is [email protected]